Friday, March 16, 2007

The Trousers Mercedes Dubtet

Trousers Mercedes, diva wrangler and bassist extraordinaire, has decided to form his own band and perform dub covers of the entire Tricity Vogue repertoire.

Which means the set list will go something like this:

Honeysuckle Dub
Does You Dub Or Does You Don't
Dub Tropicana
All the Dub Reasons
Apple Dub
Under Your Dub
Boys Don't Dub
My Side of the Dub
Dub is a Girls Best Friend

I think he might be on to a winner. In fact, his band will probably become about 10 times more successful than mine, and be filling Wembley before the year is out.

Hopefully he'll let me sing in it, at least. Can you do reggae in evening wear?



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