Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Reviews for Calamitous Liaisons

Here's a collection of reviews and audience feedback for my solo ukulele show, Calamitous Liaisons:

Calamitous Liaisons at Wilton's Music Hall, London, 4 March 2014

"The opening song in Tricity’s performance was 'The Men I've Had Before', a fast paced, playful number about, well... the men she’d had before.  I’d listened to the song already, so my excitement was piqued well before she appeared from behind the red curtain; first came the eyelashes, then the woman herself!

Tricity seamlessly guided her audience through the trials and tribulations of a colourful love life, using only her ukulele, fabulous voice and downright charm. Her original songs feature stories that are easily relatable to anyone who’s ever had a few romantic woes of their own, but are told with far more candour than most of us dare. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Calamitous liaisons, and found it to be wickedly funny, full of energy and wholly enchanting....."
Nicola Grant, The Mahogany Bar, Wilton's Music Hall

"Loved last night. Still humming Ladylove for some strange reason. Very catchy."
R Sykes

"So very good it earns T.V. the forgiveness she'll need if it turns out she lied outrageously when she said it was the last outing for this show. So very glad I made it if she was, in fact, being as grippingly honest as her performance!"
Caroline Grannell

"The dark and atmospheric Mahogany Bar was a perfect setting for this deliciously naughty frolic with the ever delightful and glamorous Tricity Vogue.

Entering from her boudoir behind a red curtain Tricity began with a saucy tale of her various conquest’s Nebuchadnezzars and get-jiggy skills!  This prompted many a blush and nervous giggle but certainly broke the ice!  After a quick swig from the wine bottle she then led us sometimes gently, sometimes poignantly, often riotously but always with immense charm and wit through her many calamitous romantic capers.  The final song went a little off-piste with a tale of giving Lady Love a whirl!  I, for one, sincerely hope this is a path she chooses not to follow as it would surely limit material for an equally entertaining follow up album (or perhaps not ;) )!

Calamitous Liaisons, another triumph from the original, beautiful and most talented Ms Tricity Vogue!  Do buy the album and enjoy the rest of her romantic escapades."
Tim Jefford

Calamitous Liaisons at the Coach & Horses Dining Room, Soho, 16 February 2014

"This was such great fun - the intimate setting upstairs at the Coach and Horses added to the atmosphere of the show, and Tricity's Calamitous Liaisons were by turns risque, laugh out loud funny and painfully familiar to anyone who ever felt unlucky in love. As the show ended with stunning new song "Ladylove," I felt we had been steered through troubled waters back to port in steady and capable hands. Can't wait for the next instalment!"
Gill Wilkinson & Chris Westwood

"Witty, honest, elegantly refined and sometimes exceptionally rude, like being flashed by the Queen during the amuse bouche. Warning: Not suitable for first dates."
Ahmed, Flaneur & Engineer

"We had a wonderful night out at Tricity's one woman show "Calamitous Liaisons". Great songs and entertaing anecdotes ensure a very amusing journey through the life of Tricity Vogue."
Steven Tagg-Randall, Video Archivist

"Intimate surroundings in a fab little pub in Soho, with Peter O'Toole's stool - would have happily paid extra if I'd known I was going to be in the same room as celebrity furniture!  Intelligently crafted songs beautifully sung. Tricity plucked and strummed the ukulele creating a wave of audible honey over the assembled punters. Fun frivolous and frolicking in all the right places, it could have only been an evening with the fabulous one and only Tricity Vogue."
Zoe Denham 

"Charming, sharp, witty and fun!"
Michael Barry 

"This was a wonderful evening - charming, witty, and moving. I smiled and laughed throughout and was left wanting more..."
Charlotte Ginsborg  

Calamitous Liaisons at the Coach & Horses Dining Room, Soho, 20 October 2013
"Beautifully naughty, disarming and funny, and the songs stayed with me for a week. (Ok it hasn't been a week but I'm confident. Ladylove was in my head as I cycled around today and I was itching to listen to it. I haven't had that about any tune at all for years to the point where I was wondering if I'd ever feel like that again, so thanks)." 

Rosa Conrad, musician

"I raise my glass to Tricity Vogue for charming, alarming, sustaining and entertaining me! What a lovely night with a fabulously talented and beguiling sassy, strumming songbird. This liaison, for me, was far from calamitous xxx" 
Lana Shelley, musician

"Loved the doodahs tonight. Let me know when you do them again because, dear me, it all works."
@mister_meredith via twitter

"Lovely night! @tricityvogue was fabulous sans mic & on great form! Great venue at coach & horses- All Veggie Pub!"
@AlexCarter001 via twitter

"Refreshing, cheeky, fun, and utterly original, the glamorous Tricity Vogue delivers a fabulous night's entertainment."
Alex Carter, singer

Calamitous Liaisons at the Coach & Horses Dining Room, Soho, 13 October 2013 

"I accepted Tricity Vogue's invitation to come into her boudoir, and I did not regret it. With delightful tunes and soulful voice, she took us all on a beguiling ride of heartbreak and ecstasy."
Audience member 

"Hilarious and intimate, like my insides are being tickled"
Sahar, milliner

 "I loved the show: a scintillating and captivating performance with very memorable songs." 
Richard Link, composer 

"Just wanted to say thank you for a lovely time. You touched us. We laughed and we cried. You are one talented lady." 
Audience member 

"As much fun as you could hope to have on a Sunday evening with your clothes on or off or with a ukelele and not get arrested. Music and passion always in fashion with Tricity Vogue's heart warming lust for life and love reminiscences."
Pete Saunders, pianist

"Great way to be amused early Sunday Evening. Tricity's infectious humour works perfectly in this intimate dining room and her calamitous liaisons seem to ring a bell with most of the audience. Raucous applause was well deserved," 
Coach and Horses Landlord 

"Thank you so much for a brilliantly entertaining night, such funny & charming songs & stories. We went home humming & happy!"
@em_threadneedle via twitter 

"It was really special. I don't think you could have picked a more perfect venue to debut your show. When I saw it was unmic'd, I was worried how it would come across, but it couldn't have been any more suitable. Your voice is exceptional - it was such a great experience to hear your voice live, especially as I already know most of the songs. The show felt very intimate, you had everyone so spellbound, my mind didn't wander at any point. I actually forgot I was holding a wee in for over an hour haah..."
Audience member 

"How wonderful to see the delectable Tricity Vogue in an intimate show with riotously witty songs that also include true soulfulness and poignancy." 
Audience member 

"Charming and warm, Tricity Vogue puts humour and hilarity into heartache."
Audience member
"A really warm and uplifiting show. Stopped me mithering over my own stupid relationship for 5 minutes! Hope there are plenty more West End outings for C.L."
Audience member

Calamitous Liaisons at Bom-Bane's Cafe, Brighton, on Thursday 12 September 2013
"Far from a calamitous liaison. Our evening with you was a sweet delight. Lovely to meet you in such a fabulous setting"
@clivejholland via twitter 

"Thank you for a fantastic evening, I am still smiling & singing about pineapples! Hope our paths cross again soon."
@emmiebobo via twitter 

"Oh what a delightful evening I had. I'm off to work now with a smile on my face singing the pineapple song. @tricityvogue #unmissable"
@clivejholland  via twitter 

"Great performance. Your lyrics are poignant, funny, profound, and rhyme in unexpected witty ways. Congratulations."
Audience member 

Calamitous Liaisons at Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 1-18 August 2013

“Sporting boudoir chic, swigging from a bottle of white and exuding conversational warmth, Tricity makes a virtuoso virtue out of the ukulele’s simplicity. Charming, accomplished and thoroughly loveable. ‘Calamitous Liaisons’ soars.” ****
Ben Walters, Time Out London  Read the full review here

“We’ve all had our share of love stories gone bad, but not all of us have the talent to turn those heartbreaks into a delightful cabaret show.” ****  
Delphine Dallison, SGFringe  Read the full review here  

After seeing the show, I did feel as though maybe you'd gone through my diaries and written songs about me!
audience member 

"Calamitous Liaisons - sly and saucy, melodically inventive, emotionally supple. Her best show yet?" 
@not_television via twitter 

"Charming, sexy, blithe and smart. And plays a ukulele. Go!"
@TimBenzie via twitter 

"TRICITY VOGUE'S kick ass show about her delicious love life. 'Calamitous Liaisons' #hotticket @edfringe" 
@RusseLucas via twitter 

"MUST SEE SHOW - @tricityvogue's Calamitous Liaisons 6pm The Counting House. Marvelous songs, fast paced, funny AND poignant. FREE! #edfringe"
@heidibangtidy via twitter 

"Cannot sufficiently recommend @tricityvogue Calamitous Liaisons. Wry, wistful, funny and warm and musically exquisite. Go see!"
@DustyLimits via twitter 

"Me and my girlfriend loved your acts at the fringe, really fantastic; every one should see them!!"
@heloisewithanh via twitter 

"Today I see and enjoy very much @tricityvogue at The Counting House, she plays and sing so well and also she wear amazing red shoes"
@La_Harlotta via twitter 

"The new show from ‪@tricityvogue 'Calamitous Liaisons' at the ‪#edfringe is a joy. Terrific songs - funny, clever & sometimes touching. See it" 
@KeithJ_gmb via twitter 

"You'd be batty to not spend a portion of your #EdFringe weekend in the company of @tricityvogue and her Calamitous Liaisons show. Go go go!"
@JohnnySetlist via twitter 

"Delightful show from @tricityvogue Calamitous Liaisons, The Counting House 5pm. Mae West meets a ukulele!"
@Liberty_Sweet via twitter 

"Very jolly, very friendly, and just a little bit rude. Can't ask more than that."
Catherine Monelle via edfringe.com 

"We really loved @tricityvogue's Calamitous Liaisons. Fantastic songs from a fantastically witty and talented woman."  
@madelinedances via twitter