Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lying On My Band

We did a photoshoot last Saturday and it was a full-on production number.

Someone commented that it took more work than when we went into the studio. For some members of the band, having their faces made up and their outfits styled for them, then being invited to show off to a man with a big camera in his hand, was a voluptuously pleasurable experience. For others (mentioning no names) it was akin to being sent down the mines, then being expected to dig for coal with their bare hands because someone had nicked the pickaxes. I may have mentioned before that organising a jazz band is like herding cats, and, as Earl Mysterio observed, some extreme feline herding was required for Saturday - but not only did we successfully capture all seven members of the Slinktet in the photos at the same time, with barely a limb out of frame, we got some Very Slinky Shots Indeed.

I'll stick them up on myspace as soon as the final photoshopping has been completed (I'm not getting anything airbrushed out. Honest.). Meanwhile a big thank you to:

Sean Gibson for taking the photographs
Timo Hebditch for being camera assistant
Stephane St Jaymes for styling
Mabel Flores for helping him
Elaine Amielle and Charlie James for make-up
and a big thank you to Tryg and Lost Society for letting us pose on their property. Hope we can come back and shimmy onstage for you soon, by way of a thank you for your hospitality.

and finally

Thank you to Honey Mink, Connie Vanderlay, Sir Fitzroy Callow, Earl Mysterio, Trousers Mercedes and Bobby Fresh for submitting yourself to the camera lens for hours. I won't make you do it again, I promise.

...At least not for a while.

As for me, my favourite shot was the one where the whole band carried me, and I lay across them in my turquoise gown with my tassels dangling and a big grin on my face.

I trusted you not to drop me guys. You never do.



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