Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Self-consciousness: the enemy of creativity

There we all were in the studio in our own little bubbles of stress, convinced we were shit and letting everybody else down...

i was convinced I couldn't sing. Fresh was thinking of throwing in his sticks and resigning himself to a career in educational administration.And Beloved was ready to go and lie in the road - having managed to convince himself he had failed me and us so absolutely as a stand-in bassist...

then we put the cd of the performance bounces on last night... and whaddaya know? it sounds great.


spot of mixing, a couple of cheeky drop-ins, and we'll have another killer track or three on our hands.

who knows, we might even get the album out by Christmas...

thanks guys. And sorry if I was so busy thinking i was crap to remember to tell you you're all brilliant.

You're all brilliant.



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