Thursday, September 28, 2006

The sunshine of your love

Was listening to Radio Two while I was cooking supper, and they had a feature on about Cream. They kicked off with Sunshine of Your Love, and I thought - how about me and Honey doing a cover of that?

Texted Honey who zipped straight back with 'That's one of my favourite songs'. I reckon it would really swing. Could get nice and dirty and bluesy. Will put it to the ladies and gentlemen of the Slinktet poste-haste for consideration.

Had another thought after Sunday's gig - well, that combined with a long telephone catch-up chat with that elusive couturier of ours, Hollywood. What about matching costumes? Looking at the stage of the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club reminded me of the opening of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (my favourite film, unsurprisingly) in which Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell burst through a glittery curtain just like the one at the BGWMC (well, maybe in slightly better nick) and launch into a big number about how they're 'Just two little girls from Little Rock' (aren't we all?) in matching red sequinned outfits.

Honey says she's always had fantasies about a blue sequinned dress. I can see myself in blue sequins. The question is, do they sell them in Goldhawk Road?

the other question is, I suppose, which one of us is Marilyn and which one is Jane Russell?

Since we're both brunettes, that could be a tricky one, although now Honey's taken to sporting a red wig, I suppose that brings her slightly closer to blonde.

Connie Vanderlay is a natural blonde of course, but I can't imagine ever exciting her at the thought of wearing blue sequins, or indeed sequins of any colour. She's only interested in music, and would be quite happy going on stage in a hockey mask, if it weren't for the fact it would probably impede her ability to communicate with the rest of the band. Bizarre.

I've a sneaking suspicion she might not have heard the Cream version of Sunshine of your Love - I bet they banned rock music at the Conservatoire. I look forward to introducing it to her. On the other hand I have no doubt that our resident rake Earl Mysterio knows all the guitar licks for it like the back of his hand...



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